This website has been created for the Visitor who is looking for accurate information when considering the new Hybrid vehicles on the market today.  All the manufactures will dazzle potential buyers with their models Features and Performance, but “IS” this type of car or truck really for you?

The Hybrid originated in 1900 by Henri Pieper… Ferdinand Porsche was also working on the concept… however we will be only discussing the current, modern technology.

There are various versions of the Hybrid… from the Hybrid electric vehicle, and the Petroleum-electrics using internal combustion engines… gasoline or Diesel’s to spin electric motors to power the vehicle.

The public has been slow to accept the Hybrid-Drive as a first choice for their primary vehicle, in part because of “What if this complicated system doesn’t work” So Hybrid reliability will be included in our topics for articles…

HybridSmartCars.com is conveniently arranged so that the information is easy to find, up-to-date, unbiased and useful. We want our visitors to have the benefit of the information and to use it to get the “smartest” Hybrid vehicle possible…


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