Electric Hybrid Buses

Green bus technologyThe Electric Hybrid Bus is the most in demand vehicle in the world today. The most widely used vehicles in major cities are buses. That’s why the need for electric hybrid mass-transit have increased and the demand is still far from being met.

Today’s Electric Hybrid Bus Technology is nearly identical to that developed for your hybrid car. Electric hybrid buses incorporate a conventional internal combustion engine power source with an additional electric propulsion system.

These people transporters are also identified as hybrid diesel-electric buses.

Like the first-generation Prius hybrid the hybrid bus technology consist of regenerative braking, electric motors, and battery storage. The major distinction is the diesel-fueled engine as a substitute for the gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle.

All over the world, the demand to reduce air pollution caused by cars, trucks, cabs and buses using fossil fuel burning internal combustion engine (ICE) is constantly increasing and public transportation is a significant source of rampant pollution in the worlds major cities.

In lieu of the electric hybrid bus, Hyundai Heavy Industries of South Korea have meanwhile released into the market its first electric buses which have deployed in Seoul, the nation’s capital.

This was the first time that an All-Electric Bus Fleet is being deployed at a commercial level.

This is one achievement that makes the Korean government proud and will surely be appreciated by environmental groups around the world. While this may be feasible in South Korea, other cities of the world will just have to be contended with using the electric hybrid bus technology.

Environmentalist and green organizations have constantly pressed their demands for reduction of emissions to curb global-warming gases, while pressuring government agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency to compel automotive manufactures to make use of the greenest and newest technology to solve this potential environmental disaster.

Conservationist and manufacturers all agree that the battery powered hybrid bus is the best alternative to our dependence on fossil fuels used by petroleum powered buses.

Considering the present situation of the world transportation industry, the combination of the diesel and electric power is still the preferred source of power for buses.

The technology for total electric power buses, although well researched and almost perfected can not be used solely as a source to power our buses. This is because the infrastructure components needed to support such technology are not yet in place.

For now the electric hybrid bus is considered to be the best solution and companies producing this type of bus have long started their manufacture and distribution. European and American companies like Azure Dynamic Corporation, Volvo Buses, BAE Systems, Design line, Man, Daimler AG’s, Eletra, and many other bus manufacturing companies have their own version of the electric hybrid bus.

One of the biggest city in the world, New York is the focus of such studies which evaluate the performance of the electric hybrid bus technology.

In New York, hundreds of millions of pounds of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and other toxic gases emitted by vehicles are released to the city’s atmosphere on a daily basis. A campaign is being done to convince car owners to use the bus instead of their own cars when traveling the city.

This move though simple can reduce considerably the amount of pollution in the city’s air.