National Highway Traffic SafetyNew fuel economy regulations promise to improve the environment while helping consumers to save money. The new standards have several upsides that promise to revolutionize the economy and our atmosphere.

A number of new standards have been put into place that will contribute to the health and well being of future consumers.

The Corporate Average Fuel Economy, or “CAFE”, has been instituted to fight this by making mandatory improvements on the future production of vehicles. Right now, vehicles account for 60% of the toxic emissions that exist. The new standards are intended to help dramatically reduce the amount of hazardous fuel emissions that currently pollute the atmosphere.

For example, 2017-2025 models will be required to emit no more than 163 grams per mile of carbon dioxide. This is predicted to decrease approximately two billion metric tons of greenhouse emissions over the years the new vehicles will be sold.

In addition to greatly decreasing emissions, the CAFE regulations will also reduce the amount of fuel required to propel vehicles.

Approximately, four billion barrels, as a matter of fact. This decreases the amount of fuel that will be depleted from the Earth as well as saves consumers a great deal of money in gas. All of these aspects will contribute to the state of the Earth as well as to the health of Americans and their bank accounts.

Making these regulations mandatory of all future vehicle productions simplifies matters greatly. Although the change is a big one that will incur a great deal of expense initially, the end goal will be worth the investment. The secretary of U.S. Transportation, Ray LaHood, has stated that these new regulations promise to strengthen national security and “protect our climate for generations to come.” In the end, CAFE’s changes will save consumers money.

The end goal of CAFE is to impose a national fuel economy program that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves fuel economy. This new environmental awareness could not come at a better time and the attentiveness to the Earth and the wellbeing of individuals is refreshing.

But in order for the plan to work, consumers must be ready and willing to purchase these newly regulated vehicles in great amounts. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of fuel efficient vehicles to choose from already. Having options helps to encourage consumers to purchase these kinds of cars.

The new fuel-economy regulations are all about reducing pollution and increasing fuel efficiency. As a matter of fact, the CAFE’s standards are the most significant improvements the government has made in regard to cleaning up pollution. The CAFE’s mission will, in turn, improve the living conditions of consumers as well as help them save money that they can better invest in the future.