Hybrids are Smart Urban Transportation

Numerous freshly designed urban city cars continue to be popping up all around the world and in the US in growing numbers.

The smart micro hybrid drive (MHD) is very near the top mileage vehicle available for sale in the US, and the price in Europe is only $1500 more than a comparably equipped gas version of the smart fortwo available here!

But, as normal the smart micro hybrid drive has been for sale in Europe since 2008. This smart Micro Hybrid car has been exciting drivers across Europe with its 68 MPG rating with the same 71 horsepower engine that comes standard on all U.S. models.

To add insults to injury smart cars purchased in most counties will be equipped with the MHD technology as standard equipment. The Mercedes-released the smart Fortwo Micro Hybrid Drive in Australia, and was awarded five stars by the Australian government’s Green Vehicle Guide.

The smart car fortwo micro hybrid drive utilizes state-of-the-art hybrid-technology to produce the ultra-high-tech start/stop functionality. Their ingenious hybrid-technology allows the engine to completely and safely switch off at speeds of less than 5 MPH.

This multi-step process is completely effortless; the operation is totally seamless and does not require any action on the part of the driver.

This “green-inspired”, engineering design allows the power plant to come to a complete stop at traffic lights or when in heavy traffic congestion like traffic jams.

As soon as the driver’s foot releases the brake pedal, the engine comes immediately to life again.(Start-Stop)

Best of all, the Hybrid even takes off in first gear, so that your trip can continue – completely uninterrupted and by design.

The environmental benefits of Micro-Hybrid Technologies is enormous. Lighter weight materials, like aluminum alloy engine components, improve fuel uses. While the MHD start-stop system pauses gas consumption throughout idling. Fuel economy is boosted by 12 percent over its all-gas powered sibling in city driving. On the highway, performance is improved to an even higher 20 percent improvement.

This metropolitan smarter smart vehicles can save us money, while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Making the clear winner the environment with resulting lowered fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

With the name of Mercedes Benz firmly in place behind the hybrid smart, this is a model which should gain widespread acceptance in the US and elsewhere. Sales of this unique and versatile inner city urban commuter should exceed expectations.

Expect to see this “Transportation- Sector” grow as the Smart Consumer recognizes the benefits of over-all cost savings and improved reliability for their daily commuter.