Systems and Batteries

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Deconstructed HybridSystems and Batteries

Parallel hybrids, the engine and the electric motor are each connected to a mechanical transmission and can both transmit power to the drive wheels. The internal combustion engine will also spin a generator for supplemental charging.

Parallel hybrids are considered more efficient than their non-hybrid siblings particularly in a urban stop-and-go situation where the electric motor is used to contribute for highway speed conditions.

A Series Hybrid just the electric motor powers the drive-train, with a smaller internal combustion engine to power the Electric Generator or to recharge the batteries. This type will usually have a larger battery pack than parallel hybrids, adding to the initial cost of the vehicle.

When the batteries are low, the combustion engine will generate the power necessary, making them more efficient in city driving.

Power Split versions of the Hybrid share the benefits of both series and parallel advantages. The result is they are more efficient in a blended driving mode, because Series Hybrids are more efficient at lower speeds while Parallel Hybrids have shown to be more efficient at higher speeds…

The Hybrid Car Battery

Let’s look at the heart of the Hybrid Vehicle… Batteries… yes Batteries= more than one… All Hybrids form the Big-rig trucks and Municipal Buses, down to the smallest sub-compact, has a series of batteries to provide power to the Drive-wheels.

Electric-car battery costs… Tesla is now at $190 per kwh for a battery pack, GM is advertising $145 per-KWH for their cells… When your shopping this is one of the most important questions to ask… get the answer in Writing and “READ the FINE PRINT”…

When buying new there will be a warranty to cover this and all components on the vehicle to a greater and lesser degree… Please read and do some reading online to hear the “Buzz” the Dealer may not share with you.

“For the auto companies, it’s the most tightly guarded data. They take their cost information and lock it away in Fort Knox,” said Mark Duvall, Director of electric transportation at the Electric Power Research Institute.

Then there is the installation of the battery array into the vehicle… the physical placement of the batteries is just the beginning… there is a complicated wiring and programing configurations to add to the cost of the completed Job Price.

Here is a table showing the fuel economy ratings and pollution indicators for the top ten most fuel efficient hybrids rated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as of June 2016, for model year 2015 and 2016 available in the American market.

hybrid Mileage chart