Towing an Hybrid

smart hybrid NO=TOWINGElectric and Hybrid Vehicles seem to be the clever alternative to our future transportation needs. Yet some electric and hybrid customers have more to be anxious about than simply recharging their cars.

Did you know towing your Electric or Hybrid Vehicle could possibly damage your vehicle!

Most electric vehicles are minus a neutral position in their transmissions. Consequently, if a rear-wheel drive electric car is towed from the front, the spinning of the wheels will cause the motor to spin. The high temperatures caused by the friction can cause additional problems, harming the electric motors or other components.

If you’ve purchased an electric car such as the Ford Focus EV or Nissan Leaf you need to be aware.

Fortunately, these concerns are lessened with these vehicles, because of engineering distinctions between an electric commercial vehicle such as the Smith Newton with its front-wheel drive and a gearbox.

The Volt by Chevy should always be towed with its front wheels off the ground. General Motors suggests a flatbed truck should be used. They also advise against attempting to tow anything, with your Volt electric car.

Towing a Hybrid Car like the Toyota Prius or the Honda’s Civic Hybrid require both front wheels to be off the ground. The Civic’s manual transmission model can be towed with wheels on the ground, but “not recommended”. Honda’s Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) can be towed with wheels off the ground with the use of Tow dollies.

Manufactures Toyota and Honda, like the Chevy Volt, say “Do not tow anything” with their hybrids.

But towing some electric vehicles without proper and lengthy preparation work to disengage the electric motor could cause grave damage. Troubles connected to towing EVs by traffic enforcement and untrained tow truck drivers will certainly multiply as sales of these vehicles, increase in the next few years.

While electric cars cost less to maintain, towing could be a problem. Maybe not quite as alarming as you thought, but don’t underestimate this issue. If you often find yourself parking illegally or on the side of the road, then listen up, because it could cost you a lot of money.

So if you are in the market for an EV, make sure you do your research first. If you are already a lucky owner, watch where you park (or don’t park) and be aware of the instructions when towing your vehicle correctly.

In general, towing and electric cars are an unhappy combination and we recommend to use a flat bed when towing your vehicle.